Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disgusting Fraud Alert: Peter Popoff is Back

News like this makes my heart sink.

But, it also motivates me to speak out in defense of otherwise defenseless and innocent people who are being taken advantage of by disgusting and evil people with absolutely no regard for honesty.

Peter Popoff is back and is making millions of dollars scamming people! He is the televangelist that was exposed on national television as a complete and utter fraud 20 years ago by James Randi and Johnny Carson. Randi and Carson played video and audio that showed how Popoff's wife would send him information about audience members so that he could call them up and then tell them that he was being spoken to by God and had special power to heal them or grant them their wishes.

He's back selling Miracle Spring Water! Can you believe this? This man is selling miracles through the television! People are losing their money to this creepy crook and he just does not care at all. He laughs all the way to his million dollar home.

Few things get me seriously riled up, but this kind of disgusting charlatanism infuriates me! It is beyond vile and horrifying for a human being to prey on another person's ignorance and willingly lie and cheat them!

Peter Popoff's Charlatan Spring Water

Inside Edition Exposes This Fraud

They call him "The prophet who profits", and show how he was exposed twenty years ago.

John Stossel Exposing Peter Popoff

James Randi Exposes Peter Popoff

Despite his work, people still believe in Popoff today! This is so sad.

Aaron Ranen's Documentary Exposes Peter Popoff

Penn & Teller Interview James Randi About Peter Popoff

What is most amazing is that people just ended up sending their money to other televangelists after he exposed Popoff.

The Need for Critical Thinking

It is so incredibly important for people to learn the skill of critical thinking. There is no skill more important than this to be taught in schools, in my opinion. How in the world is this nation going to survive when we cannot even remember 20 years ago that Popoff was proven a charlatan? How in the world are we going to survive as a nation when people continue to place their hopes in invisible things and don't care about the beauty and glory of the real world that they know is absolutely real?

Here is a magician talking about critical thinking:

USA Losing Grip on Science and Engineering

See this article for evidence that the United States is losing its grip on the dominance in science and engineering:

For years, the European Union has treated the USA as a yardstick for what it needs to achieve in science and innovation. That stick – measuring performance in terms of research graduates, patents, prize winners, scientific citations, etc. – appears to be getting shorter, US experts reported earlier this month.

Asia’s ascendancy and Europe’s determination, especially in basic science, have begun to erode America’s dominance in science and innovation, according to John Jankowski, a senior analyst at the National Science Foundation (NSF). “The rest of the world is catching up – scientific excellence is no longer the domain of just the US,” he told the New York Times last week.

The leading American daily offers many examples where the USA fears a loss of scientific status. One area, international patents, is still strong but Asia is on the rise. The US share of industrial patents has fallen steadily over recent decades, now standing at almost 52%. In published research – once a US mainstay – it has also experienced serious decline.

In physics journals, American papers went from 61% in 1983 down to just 29% last year, according to a tracking study by Physical Review. A European Commission study showed that Europe overtook the USA in the mid-1990s as the world’s largest producer of scientific literature. Many of the USA’s woes are outlined in the National Science Board’s January report ‘An emerging and critical problem of the science and engineering labor force.

Of Universes, Demons, and The State of Education With Thanks to Carl Sagan

Here is a partially completed video of an essay I wrote about the topic of science and engineering education in the United States two years ago.

You can read the essay and see other related videos in this post:


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