Sunday, February 27, 2011

AOP Reading Links

It's nice to relax at home and try to catch up on some long-postponed technical reading.

I've glanced over these articles a number of times, and know that many of the tools I use depend on them, but I've always wanted to study them much more deeply.

And, the entire LinFu series:

This kind of approach has been used in jQuery for a long time now, and other JavaScript frameworks, and it's common in Ruby and has been used in lots of C# and Java programs as well. Despite its wide-spread adoption in frameworks and tools, it's still uncommon to see it in application development.

Reading Notes

Part I:

After reading part I, I am not sure how the interceptor knows to discriminate to the Greet method. However, I think that's explained here: "Every proxy generated by LinFu dynamically overrides all of its parent's virtual methods." I think that means even if there were a "Farewell" method, it would still call the identical methods in the IInvokeWraper instance.

Part II: Here Comes Rubber Ducky

This part is about Duck typing and other interesting aspects of the framework. It's pretty easy to understand. Nothing to comment on.

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