Monday, February 14, 2011

Understanding - The Great Jewel of Wisdom

Respect is something that can easily be lost, but sometimes it can be regained.

Disappointment is a natural human feeling when one feels wronged or disgraced.

But losing hope is something that harms oneself more than it harms anyone else.

Life and love are grand mysteries, and so are individual motives, actions, and fears.

Hope may seem irrational, but it is often this sheer irrationality that strengthens our human resolve to do what is right.

Having the power to retaliate against others who we feel have wronged us is a temptation.

But to do so speaks more out of fear than it does out of love. It doesn't matter whether everyone around you would say you are "justified" in doing so if you feel in your soul that you are acting defensively rather than from love.

Remember, in your heart, that almost all people are doing things that they believe are right or of the most benefit to themselves and others based on all they know about themselves, others, and their circumstances.

Thus, what will elevate the character of yourself, and others, more so is to strive earnestly for genuine understanding of the other's actions and motives.

This is not to say that power should not be used when reasonable and earnest attempts at understanding fail and you feel strongly that what is harming you and others is unjustified.

But, peaceful relationships seldom result from retaliation.

Retaliation is a bow that fires arrows at both the target and the archer, but understanding is a salve that heals the wounds of both souls.

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