Friday, June 1, 2007

The Atlanta Community Food Bank

I again volunteered at the Atlanta Community Foodbank tonight with my TeamWorks! team from Hands-On-Atlanta and really enjoyed it. I recommend that everyone in Atlanta volunteer here. It is so well organized and so much fun as well as educational and extremely helpful to the community.

If future Hall-of-Fame pitcher John Smoltz can make time, then so can we, right? He is a big supporter of this organization.

We volunteered in the Product Rescue Center.


The Product Rescue Center provides great hands-on experience in a social atmosphere. It's ideal for groups ages eight and up, and individuals are also welcome.  800 - 1000 volunteers each month sort and pack food boxes at the PRC.

PRC sorting







Here is more info about Smoltz's involvement:

Strike Out Hunger Campaign

Smoltz is involved with many other charities as well. Check out his home page for more info.

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