Monday, June 4, 2007

Take Hold Ballroom Beginners LA-Style "On 1" Salsa

I went back to the Take Hold Ballroom 7:30 beginners salsa lesson tonight. Last time, Jimmy Rumba, the instructor, of, tried to give me special instruction to figure out the cross-body-lead, but I had a lot of trouble, but thanks in part to, I figured out that move and most of the basic steps. Tonight was much better, though by the end of the lesson I could not remember enough steps to finish the final mini-performance with my partner. I think I'll need to go two to three more times to the beginner class before really mastering it.

As usual, check out for more information.

According to the basic pattern looks like the diagram below. Visit the link for more information.


Here are some videos about the basic step and cross-body-lead.

First, from people who know what they are talking about, from

The Basic Step

The Cross-Body Lead

And, from me, for comic relief, in my no-award-winning Salsa For Klutzes series. Looking back now, I think made up half of this about the left turn. It's based on DVDs, but I still think I may be doing it wrong, so be warned. And, laugh!

Tbe Basic Step

The Cross-Body Lead

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