Saturday, June 2, 2007

J's Salsa Social


I just got back from the J's Salsa Social. As always these events are a lot of fun. I'm just a double-left-footed rookie at this, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. A few months ago I was at Havana Club with some friends of mine and we saw how much fun people were having dancing salsa. We said to ourselves that we had to learn to do this instead of just sitting there at the table. One of the women we saw dancing there was at the social tonight and I got the opportunity to dance with her. She helped me learn to do a cross-body-lead correctly. She said she has been doing salsa for about 8 years.

I also met a woman who works for as an editor. How cool is that to work for that site? She said she actually teaches salsa at Georgia State University.

Jason and Anahita, featured in the picture above, did an excellent performance at 11:30. Jason said it was the first time he had performed in front of an audience. I thought they did an awesome job. I wish I had their skill! Practice, practice, practice, right?

I definitely recommend giving it a try. Here are some resources for getting started: - Has a good calendar of Atlanta area salsa events, and mailing list for announcements - Another good site for Atlanta are salsa information - This one someone told me about tonight as another good source of lessons and information - The web site for Jason and Jorge's salsa social - Dance 411 studios at 749 Moreland Avenue where the social is held, only about 3.5 miles from my condo!

And, to see how much fun the events are, check out the photo gallery here: - You have to login to see the images full-size.

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